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By Rich Unger

And you thought your Holidays were going to be a nice quiet fireplace setting with stockings hanging and snow outside, well wake up, and GET REAL!


I have never spoken to so many Owners who are so arrogant, so lazy, so pathetic. I mean, why even bother operating. I had an Owner call me because he has a Restaurant/ club in California for six months, and every time I asked him a question and then gave him the answer, he said to me "you know, you�re right."

I am right, but he is the one open just six months and dead. He thinks a hole in the wall bar on Thursday Nights is destroying his business because people refuse to leave there? Really?

I can empty out a packed hole in the wall in 3 weeks and slam your club.

I have a lady in Mass. call me with a 7,000 square feet sport bar that is dying; she has 12 patrons. She says "the Owner wants the older crowd," I said, �How old, in wheelchairs?�
You�re a sports bar, you need to be a nightclub at night when there is no "big game."
That's what it's all about, fighting back, changing, transforming, and adapting to what it takes to make big money.

For instance, I just took a club open only two weeks that holds 290 Patrons and gave them a $10,000. Friday Night. Don't ask me how. I don't give out free advice, or expertise, why should I? BUT, if you want your club packed then follow my game plan, my paths and my strategies that demand no drink specials, no free cover charges, no club promoters, and watch your place pack in patrons night after night. Call me without hesitation right now.

Here's some more examples of Richie's Chew for the Holidays: we continue with an owner of twenty years from upstate NY, who calls me -- he should really be retired and relaxing, instead he is running his club into the ground and doesn't understand why his club is dying.
He charges 21 and up $5 to get in, under 21, $8. First of all you should never allow minors in on adult nights and if you are arrogant and desperate enough, you should charge them triple, because the only money the minor is going to pay you is at the door, and all he is going to do all night is try to get a drink, the same should be said of female under age patrons.

There is a club in Sarasota that advertises girls 18 years old, even though
you have to be 21 and up he discriminates against Men under 21 which is in violation of Federal Law and he relies on girls under 21, since no girl over 21 wants to frequent his establishment.

I have never ever met so many owners who know zero about the main factors of operating a club in these days.

- What is the cost of liquor in your club?
- How much is your payroll?
- What do the liquor and beer vendors provide you with?
- What kind of entertainment works for your club?

The reason clubs are falling like flies is you don't need to be "CROBAR" to pack them in, quite the opposite. You don't need to give away the house or to spend thousands on radio, just the opposite. I have never met so many crybabies who own clubs and managers who want me to do all their work and for free.

I mean, if you don't know what you�re doing trying to pack a club why are you even in the biz? Why do owners appoint people with zero experience in charge of promotions?

The Most important person in a nightclub right now is not the bartender, not the doorwoman, not the Manager, but the Promotions Director. He or she is the most viable, valuable and highly regarded person in the employment of the club right now. The most important person working for you is the person who is packing your club with promotions that have no drink specials and where everyone pays cover. That is the KEY PERSON, that is the person who in this decade is the make or break person.

Do you know how many clubs closed Halloween Sunday this year? 90%. Do you know why? Because they are dumb!!! They gave the night up and lost thousands of dollars.
I read about so many clubs offering cheap drinks and tacky promotions that if they were as successful as portrayed, they would be the rage, instead they are the last act of desperation.

I have taken hundreds of clubs and turned them around, but first you must have an owner who has the faith, courage and ability to accept change, them you must have a staff willing to go the distance and then some.

And most important you must have a club that has all the basics in place and just needs the direction, the strategies and the paths to follow.

I speak to Owners every day so set in their ways they have to be divorced, they have to be lonely and they must be completely lost, because they rely on club promoters to pack their club and on top of that their staff dresses with no consistency and no flair or fashion, their format is dead and buried, how do clubs with just a DJ expect to pack in patrons with the same boring, stale, predictable music and dull atmosphere night in and night out?
Readers to my site say, "You need to add something new," tell that to the club Owners, not me, I am simply showing you what is going on in the world of nightclubs. Why should I give you "FREE" concepts?

There are so many facets to a club: One is the bar, that is the gold mine, where the majority of the money is made, besides the cover charge. Then you have the music, which must match the patron. There are clubs that are dying because the DJ is playing what he wants to hear, and not what the patrons can or want to dance to. Then there is the overall club's operation, who is taking care of repairs, improvements and hiring and firing?

I mean, the reason the failure rate is so high, is because so many people who have no business getting into this business enter it. Anybody can give the bar away, anybody can book local bands and make the bar pay, cause you�re afraid to charge a cover. Anybody can let in underage patrons because you�re desperate and need the money, but it's the Owner who is on my level, who can play with the big dog in the tall grass who is making the real money.

What did you plan for the "TWO NIGHTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS" Party? The stories I tell you within these web pages are all true, I mean nobody can make up this nonsense. I received a phone call from a club owner in Jersey, he has a club with a liquor license, but his only busy night is a teen night. He is dead otherwise. His strategy: changing the name of the club.

Let me repeat this Club has a liquor license and the only night they do business is the night they have teen night each week. Why do these people call me? I mean if he is so smart after 20 years and his only fresh idea is to change the name of the club, why on earth is he calling me? And he has a partner to boot; must be a <i>Starsky and Hutch</i> kind of duo, ya think?

Whoever heard of having a liquor license and not using it to its maximum? Whoever heard of being so known as a teen night establishment, nobody over 21 wants to even enter your doors? Please, if you�re that kind of owner don't call me, call 911, you need serious mental help.

One last real story: two partners in Montana build a nightclub inside a restaurant, inside a Mall. The restaurant does well, the nightclub is dying. After pouring tens of thousands of dollars into this dream they made a reality and then when I ask them why they are not doing anything to pack this club, since they are only open on Fridays and Saturdays, they shrug. Want to know why owners like this will fail every time? They don't know how, why, when, where or what "THE FUN" is�. And worse, they don't know how to implement it and make money.

I spoke to one of the Owners for an hour, he was a nice guy with no clue, and within a year, he will be the same nice guy less all that cash he invested.

This club is only open Fridays and Saturdays and they are still dead..... I really should have hung up on this owner, he is lost in the <i>Twilight Zone</i>, if he doesn't want to help his club, why did he call me?

They all 24 intervention hotlines call them.

If you want to make serious money and stop laying over letting your competition eat you alive, then call me now. I have tried to motivate and have these owners deviate from what lack of planning and foresight they missed, but for reasons that defy logic they choose to hold a pity party and loose dollar after dollar after dollar. When you have only been open since October 1st of this year, and you�re only drawing one-third of your capacity, what is it going to take to get you to pack your club with "THE FUN"?

I don't care if you�re a bar, a lounge, a pub, a club or a tavern, you should be jammed.
I mean not giving away the bar, but jammed with "THE FUN." Why even open? Why even operate? Why even bother? If you won't realize it's 2004 going on 2005 and come alive, then your club dies a slow, painful, loss of patrons, employee moral nose dive death.

Blame? Look in the mirror! or call Rich at 1-941-921-7027 but please don't waste my time with self pity and guilt, call me to take back your nights, not to play DR Phil�.

You did this to your club, you made poor judgment calls and you who know nothing about promotions, marketing and packing your club listened to all the wrong people. Spent all that money and never ever called me, when I could have made you tens of thousands of dollars weekly depending on your size from the first day you opened.

Copyright � 2006 Rich Unger

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.