Driving Past Your Club?

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Driving Past Your Club?

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By Rich Unger

Have you ever wondered why potential patrons are driving right past your club?  I have never seen such an over abundance of "Panic Promoting" by clubs in various Cities small and big.  For example from a legendary club in Downtown Sarasota, Florida, to a Club for Teens in Wilmington Delaware to a restaurant with a huge upstairs club, I mean huge upstairs club that is empty all the time in New Jersey.
All three of these venues have the same negativity in common. 

While these three clubs cater to a widely diverse and totally different demographics, they all face the same daunting task, packing their place.  One is discounting drinks and doing nothing new to bring in fresh faces, another has no clue how to take a popular restaurant and pack it's huge upstairs to a usual teens club that has no direction or insight how to pack it and how to make the Summer it's gold mine.
It's the middle of Summer, and yet what is the basic path clubs take?

Lower the prices, give it away, drop the cover and beg for patrons. What does the Restaurant Owner and his Brother do? Nothing to pack their upstairs after closing their kitchen. What is the Teen Club doing?
Nothing, it keeps offering the same dull and totally dried up format every weekend.

Speaking with all three Owners, I found the downtown club owner to be totally defensive even though he never owned a club before, another one of those I "Know it all" types.( But knows nothing)

The restaurant Owner said he knew "he had to do everything I had written in my articles, but still has not, and then the Teen Club Owner was simply lost in space and relied on his Wife and Three Daughters to guide him.

Let's talk about the what really matters after "THE FUN" and that is the revenue. The downtown Club Owner is running newspaper ads full of so much information nobody is even bothering to read the ads.
A total waste of valuable advertising money.

The Restaurant Owner totally unmotivated but knowing full well he is losing tens of thousands of dollars is suffering at night big time, and the Teen Club Owner sounded like he was in way over his head and had no explanation for his lack of "Owning the market" and not anywhere near, packing his under 21 club.

I always have to chuckle, I wonder why people like these three Owners even venture into this industry, when they have zero knowledge, absolutely no hands on experience, and no "GOING FOREWORD STRATEGY" to adhere to?

The reason patrons drive by all these clubs, is a total lack of effort and energy on the part of the Owners, that is reflected in their clubs and their bottom line.  In the case of the downtown Club, the local bands dominate and are so Overplayed, same songs, same sets, same clothing, same stage presence, I mean, why?

The restaurant Owner refuses to energize his upstairs that holds up to 600 clubbers and in the under age club's situation, the club has nothing to offer. That's why Patrons keep passing by all these establishments...........................................

Then there is the worse case scenario, this is going on right now, from an Owner who may know how to do your taxes but zero about how to pack a club with quality patrons and primarily females. This Eight Month old club, which had a six figure investment put in it, on Friday Nights is now offering "Sink or Swim."  I had to read this club's ad in a wasted free publication twice to actually believe what they were doing on Friday Nights.

When a brand new club resorts to this pathetic, desperate, total disregard for it's patrons Promotion,"Sink or Swim", by just getting them drunk on cheap cane alcohol with all they can drink, how do you make any money? 

How do you draw the right crowd?

How do you pay your bills?

How do you control the behavior of these non stop "give me another" primarily Joe six packs?

They charge $25 a person, so you can rest assured the staff is not overflowing in tips from sink or swim patrons.  How do you cut off these drunks and prevent them from killing themselves and heaven forbid innocent others?   No Club or bar or lounge faces a more challenging task than a bunch of guys and more guys just drinking with no PROMOTION, no FUN and I can assure you no Women, Because Women are not going to flock to such a disaster.....................................

What a mistake after mistake promotion path this club takes, changing every night, giving the house away to women on one night, I mean it's truly pathetic.  EGO, ARROGANCE and POOR MANAGEMENT .................................................. 

On a much more positive note, why do you think "Carl Jr's" hamburgers paid Paris Hilton the big bucks to wear a revealing one piece swimsuit and market their burgers?  Because they realized the days of simple, plain, boring, jingle driven, smiley face TV spots are done, fried and burnt out.

But, they also had the foresight to realize what it took to reach 18 to 34 year old men, which is their market, and create a very high impact, in your face, reactionary TV Spot, that delivers their message in the most captivating way with the most sensual of females.  I can guarantee you patrons are not driving by "Carl Jr's" without stopping in, going thru their drive thru and spending money.......................................

BUT, back to our three brain salad surgery Owners I discussed in the opening of this article, Potential Patrons drive by all of the above mentioned places, because the Owners would rather lose thousands and have an attitude than implore logic and present "THE FUN."  The reason potential patrons pass by your club, your bar, your lounge, your restaurant turned club after food service ends, your teens only club, is you have no "FUN."  You offer the same basic, boring, fast becoming a money losing format.
It's now July, let me quote you from an Owner of a very packed, very profitable Nightclub who hooked up with me and said, " Summer is a tough time, If you just sit back and not spend any money you'll die on the vine."

His exact words.............................................................................................................
You can lose tens of thousands of dollars in July, August and September because You refuse to "make it happen." You refuse to admit "you need help"  You listen to all the wrong people and you end up suffering financially because of it.  While your pacing up and down your bar, and walking in and out of your club, bar or restaurant turned nightclub after the kitchen closes, and you notice nobody is coming in, yet every car is passing you by, it's all your fault.

That's right, YOU<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Because you refuse to admit, accept and acknowledge you need major help.  You would rather have the least number of patrons, spending the lowest amount of cash flow and you suffer, rather than wake up, smarten up and raise it up.  Maybe your like the long time Family owned Bar Owner in Milwaukee, who knows his bar is dying, who understands fully all his pitfalls and mistakes, and yet continues to experience a barely break even situation and encounters on a daily basis a slow painful eroding of his business.

I spoke to this Owner for over 45 minutes and to no avail, he is going the way of many this Summer, he is going to lose so much money, destroy any potential for turning his operation around and simply disappear...................................................

Why? I can't answer for Owners who simply throw in the towel and just give their patrons, their money and their images to their competition.  I am not a CSI investigator of dead and dying clubs, I can tell you this much, when you lay over and play dead, you die.................................................................  I just had a club owner in Athens, Georgia call me, he lets under 21 patrons in for $5, he has owned the club for quite some time and is lost in the past.

He has a partner who while not silent does nothing to make the club a success, I have never seen so many Club Owners become partners with so many unlikely people that when put together are like vinegar and oil.   Why explain and fight with a partner who has no clue?   Why continue to suffer thru dead nights and no biz?

This Owner in Athens, has no clue, none, he is set in his ways, and thinks being in the top ten rather than being #1 is fine.  Sorry, but if you don't dominate you don't own your market and you are one of many instead of one of a kind.  What's your choice?

I am just a phone call away.

Call me at 1-941-921-7027 or e-mail RichUnger@promotingnightclubs.com

And remember, if your club is dead, your club is not #1 and your club is on the downward spiral, it all starts and ends with YOU. 


Copyright � 2006 Rich Unger

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting Nightclubs.com.
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting Nightclubs.com.
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting Nightclubs.com.
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.