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By Rich Unger

The most repeated sentence said to me over and over is "I need new ideas."

The second most repeated remark to me is "Why are you always criticizing Club Owners?
Let me clarify, that every single example, incident and situation I write about, is factual, and provided by Club Employees out of total frustration and despair.

Here is a factual, prefect example of complete arrogance and ignorance, when opening a brand new club:

In my Community, a former Nightclub Owner who's last club closed with a horrible
Reputation for no dress code, DJs with foul mouths, fights, riots and a horrible relationship with local law enforcement, has invested easily $450,000. and remodeled a different building with a nightclub, an ultra lounge and Champagne Room.

But talk about getting off on the wrong foot:

The Club has not been opened 4 weeks yet, but here are my observations:

1. There is no Passion or Pursuit for Promotions, they hired a DJ who has been at every club in the area has nothing new to offer and has a terrible Temper.

2. They are charging a $7 cover charge, if your going to charge a cover charge for a brand new club that looks fantastic, charge $10. and weed out the losers and bring in the spenders. I mean, $7 is a clear sign, "We are afraid you won't pay $10."

3. The Promotions Manager is a former DJ who has also hosted nights as a Club Promoter at every nightclub in the area and could not pack them for one night, yet he is the Promotions Manager of this Club?

4. They hired girls to dance, why I don't know, since when do you have to pay girls to dance? Your a brand new $450,000 Plus club, it's Summer, you should have zero competition, why would you pay girls who are "Plain Jane's," to dance on your speakers?

5. The club started with a Sunday Latin Night for it's first three weeks, it bombed, since the club down the Street has a packed Latin Night on Saturday Night and does very well, this new Club's Owner now is going to switch gears and host "TEEN NIGHTS" on Sunday Nights.  As long as he goes thru the proper process in presenting "TEEN NIGHTS" minus the violence, the rioting, and the image his previous club's teen nights created, he will do excellent.  But he must follow a disciplined course of action and logistical operation when hosting "TEEN NIGHTS" that in the past he ignored.  I hope he will for the "TEENS" safety and for the Club's image.

6. Going on week four and they still have not pursued any PROMOTIONS with any passion.
Nothing.  Zero.  Nada.  They have the opportunity to make a huge impact on their market, and pack this club four nights a week with a line outside.  But instead, they open with a "blah" instead of a "BANG."

7. It is so very frustrating to see a New Club open with no passion, no zeal, no Energy.  Just the same old format from years ago, with a lot of the old fixtures updated and refinished, along with a great deal of cash invested, but with no "FUN" and no "WOW."

8. Will the club be successful? I hope so.

9. Will they have packed weeknights? No

10. Will they resort to drink specials during the week, rather than the "Pursuit of Passionate Promotions"? Count on it.

11. It's now Saturday, when I called to hear the message on the club's answering machine at 6pm, it was from this past Thursday.  If you can't even remember to change your phone message for the weekend, how are you ever going to manage a Club, pack it with Quality Patrons and generate serious cash flow?

12. They opened with no dress code letting everybody and anybody in, until finally this Owner woke up and after three weeks decided to institute a dress code.  I mean how does an Owner operate with such a convoluted sense of consistency?

13. Three weeks old and already one Main Manager is already gone.

This Club has a huge "NUT" you can't make money letting in slobs who don't spend.  You can't cater to upscale patrons, who can't find a place to park.   You face major unnecessary hurdles in establishing this Club for what it should be and not what this Owner is allowing it to be known for.  All Because of Owner Attitude.

14. Horrible Grand Opening, awful lack of promotions, no passion, no pursuit, no PROMOTIONS, and opens at the worse time of the Year, when you don't advertise in any media but an alternative newspaper, which is not even your market.  It makes as much sense as a SuperBowl Quarterback driving a motorcycle like a big shot with no helmet on and no license to even operate a motorcycle.  Thank GOD, he is OK.  But his arrogance and his ignorance almost cost him his life which is a far greater loss than what this new club is going to lose....................

15. This Owner instead of introducing himself to the Owners of adjacent Parking Areas at Office Parks and Strip Centers located right next to his club, arrogantly uses their lots to put his patrons cars, and guess what, because he never even asked them if he could, they now want nothing to do with him and have a chain blocking one fantastic parking lot and the other property owner has told him they will tow his customers cars from their lot.  The first, the very first step you take when you are building your club is to make nice, make friends and offer financial compensation, an open bar tab to neighboring Property owners who's lots at night are empty and you need desperately.  What a colossal blunder and just plain poor lack of judgment.

16. His "Security" People are paid $10 an hour, $40 a night and out of ten, only two are experienced, the rest are average age 20 years old and sadly have zero knowledge, no background or grasp of how to defuse situations carefully, safely and quickly.


On a more positive note, want to see a really hot Club that is rolling in dough, go to the "Meatpacking District" of NYC and check out "Plumm."  They have the "Passion For The Pursuit of Promotions."

It's already July, you've lost tens of thousands of dollars by giving away cheap drinks, cheaper beer, free cover charge, and still nobody is coming in.  Can you finally, finally pick up the phone and pack your Club, your Lounge, your Outside Deck for August???????

WELL, can you? WILL you?
I can only ask you to, and you have to want to.

Call Rich Unger, he is just a phone call away at 941-921-7027 or e-mail RichUnger@promotingnightclubs.com

OR SUFFER THRU AUGUST, LABOR DAY WEEKEND, SEPTEMBER and remember, You could have, you should have................................been packed.

In Closing, whatever your position is on this War in IRAQ, put it aside for a moment and Please HELP.  I ask every Club Owner, every Club Manager, every DJ, to look over your DVDs, your CDs and please, send what you don't need or don't use to our Amputees in Tampa at the VA Hospital.


"IF YOU CAN ask any Nightclubs and DJs if they can spare any CDs or DVDs, for these Wounded and Amputee Soldiers, I'd appreciate it greatly. Enclose a note and say you learned about this from Lt. Col. Robert F Metnick, Major Moten is in charge of Patient Rehabilitation"
Please ask the Clubs and the DJs to send whatever DVDs, and or CDs to:

TAMPA, FLA. 33612-4798
VA HOSPITAL: 813-972-2000





Copyright � 2006 Rich Unger

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting Nightclubs.com.
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting Nightclubs.com.
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting Nightclubs.com.
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.