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By Rich Unger

As the final Month of Summer begins, you should dominate, dictate and direct the Night Life Adventures in your Community.  Labor Day Weekend should produce four to five times your average Weekend's
Revenue and Crowd Count.

Don't simply lower drink and beer prices to respond to competing clubs.  Why would you increase your liquor and beer costs only to attract the wrong caliber of patron, who is coming to your club, your bar, your lounge for what your giving away cheap, rather than what your offering in "THE FUN" and "THE WOW FACTORS"?

Why does every Club, Ultra Lounge, Outside Bar Owner, and Sports Bar Owner feel the need to promote in-kind drink and beer prices to combat their adversaries?  I had a Sports Bar Owner e-mail me he was doing everything wrong, and yet He for reasons I will never understand never stopped the madness to turn his Sports Bar around?

He let the other Sports Bars in his area TKO him without once ever returning a Punch.  Why does a Club Owner who is "Street Smart", simply roll over and allow a New Club to take all his business away, without putting up any kind of Promotions Plan or Counter Attack?  Why does an Ultra Lounge Owner, let a Karaoke Company continue to host a Night that patrons intentionally refuse to come in for, because they can't stand Karaoke, and yes this Owner, knowingly pays the Karaoke Company Top Dollar when only ten people show up for the so called Karaoke?

Why does a restaurant/Nightclub Owner on the beach, bring in bands that have a following of a hundred or so loyal fans, and yet he needs 450 patrons to be packed?  Why does a Hotel Nightclub Manager rely on "Brand Parties" to supposedly fill his club area, when they don't have the packing power and are nothing more than bottle pushers with no "FUN," no "WOW"?

Why does a brand new Sports Bar pay a Clear Channel Sports Radio Station top dollar for a Thursday Night remote, when they can barely cover the cost of the remote, let alone make a profit by incurring this kind of marketing expense, especially with no big game going on and on a Thursday Night?

Why do Outback Restaurants continue to have same store sales decline, when they know very well, the concept is missing "THE FUN," "THE WOW" and the bloomin onion has gone spoiled?  They ignore the reality of what needs to be done and waste money on horrible TV Spots with a Male Spokesman who cost them more potential patrons then he brought in.  Why does an on the Water Eatery/Club, refuse to pursue the Night Life where the money is, and just let's their outdoor deck and patio sit idle in the heat of Summer at night?

Everyone of these operations are letting their competition roll over them. So, the next time like right now, when your reading my "RANTS" and banging your head against the wall, because you fit the profile, may I suggest you take two "Extra Strength Tylenol" and call me to help you pack your club and get rid of that major headache.
An Adult Entertainment Club can no longer just offer Pretty Women dancing around poles.  The days are gone...................

An Ultra Lounge can't simply offer the luxurious of decor's, the most expensive drinks, bottle service and expect Patrons to flock and pack their room.  A Nightclub with lights, sound, video, that costs tens of thousands of dollars cannot just wait for clabbers to partake, you need to drag them kicking and screaming for "THE FUN" and "THE WOW FACTORS."  A Sports Bar can't simply brag about 24 HDTV Screens, and think that sports fanatics are going to run to their bar, not without a lot more action.

The worse case of Ownership and Management failure is any establishment located on the Water, that is not busy every single day and night, weather permitting.  How can you have the huge advantage of having the water right there, yet you do Nothing to capitalize on this location and zero to blend in with your "Format"?




I had a Nightclub Chain hire a Web Designer who was named by a Computer Magazine as a Top Designer, the problem was the Designer did not have a single clue what a Nightclub Web Site should be.  The site was so unappealing, so hard to surf, to navigate, it had nothing to offer.  Another Club used their Home Page for their only page, posting every single fact, facet, and face that entered the club on the page.

It was a jigsaw puzzle of a Site.  Web Sites define your Club's image, perception, personality and reality. Owners equate their web site with creating a newspaper ad, cram it full of as much information, as much content as possible, "I want my money's worth."  WRONG, WRONG and CLICK, WRONG AGAIN.

The Purpose of a web site is to communicate, give a taste, entice them and invite them to convert from web site visitors to club patrons.  You don't need to spend thousand and thousands of dollars to personify your club's personality.  Why make a visitor wait for your Site to load?

Why have so much artwork and visual effects that it detracts from the Club's own Persona?
Why put pictures of drunk patrons up?
Why put pictures of slobs up?
Why put your flyers up on your site?

I dissect web sites every day, I have never seen so much clutter, unnecessary content, wasted graphics, overdone design, that are all negatives, that instead of creating "buzz", generates "duh"......................................................................

I had an "Energy Drink" Marketing Director contact me about his Site and Product.  The Site was awful.  There was no sparks, no ENERGY........... The Site was dark, dreary, lacked any kind of momentum to even challenge the Powerhouse Energy Drinks.

RICHIE'S RIGHT ON RANTS.................

The problem in the Food and Beverage Industry is "EGO" and more "EGO", everyone knows everything, and yet most know very little.

This person wants to sell you an ATM, this person wants to see you another brand of liquor, like your bar needs more bottles on it?

This person wants to sell you himself as a Club Promoter, he or she has no experience, no ability, no knowledge, and you are willing to let this person take one of your slower nights, rather than you build the night into a packed house?

Club Promoters are vultures, why on earth would you give your door money to a
person to bring patrons into your establishment?

I have said this 1000 times and Club Owners still ignore reality to operate in fantasyland.



It is so ironic, that once an establishment follows my "BIKINI 101 PLAN", packing their place, with no drink specials, no cheap beer, yet full of patrons spending, gorgeous girls competing, they finally see the light.

You've lost tens of thousands of dollars this Summer, refusing to comprehend, understand and fathom the "Basics of Bikini 101".

It's not about a cheesy promotion.
It's not about demeaning women or exploiting them quite the opposite.
But Noooooooooooooooooooo, you would rather sit at your bar and cry over your well vodka, then be jammed with the #1 "Bikini Event" in your entire area?

Honestly I cannot and will never understand the misjudgment, lack of comprehension, plain stubbornness many Owners exhibit?

So as we slowly bask in the heat of August, Remember my Four Famous Last Words..............................I TOLD YOU SO.

Call Rich Unger at 1-941-921-7027 or E-Mail


Copyright � 2006 Rich Unger

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.